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DPInnovations Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports technology solutions for the textile industry. With more than 25 years of experience in implementing digital solutions in the textile industry, we offer an unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge. Currently we offer three specialized productivity solutions: MESH - A ready-made web solution for digital textile printing companies who wish to offer their service online developed by DPInnovations; RIPMaster - A digital textile printing RIP developed by Wirth Software GmbH; and GSD - A Productivity Improvement Solution developed by GSD (Corporate) Ltd.. RIPMaster has been developed to become the world's leading digital textile printing RIP developed specifically for the textile industry. RIPMaster supports all of today’s leading digital fabric printing devices. MESH technology is used at to connect digital designers everywhere with digital fabric printers around the world. GSD Enterprise & QUEST provide a scientific, ethical and auditable approach to quantifying manufacturing methods, times & costs for the Sewn Products Industry, resulting in improved productivity, efficiency and profitability. If you're involved in the digital textile printing industry or the sewn products industry, we can improve your efficiency & profits.

Expand Systems, LLC,

Expand Systems provides solutions to customers seeking to print textiles digitally. These solutions involve best-in-class printers in various widths having the capability to print onto transfer paper for sublimation decoration of polyesters and direct-to-fabric printing of all types of fabric including cotton, nylon, silk, polyesters, and blends utilizing printers with fabric handling systems. Expand Systems offers the most advanced technologies available globally for digital textile printing through our relationships with printer manufacturers. We offer all classes of printers currently available to meet customer productivity needs. Speeds range from 5 yards per hour to 400 yards per hour for Class 1, 2, and 3 machines. We also offer a Class 4 machine capable of printing up to 70 yards per minute. The solutions involve textile inks including acid dye, reactive dye, pigment, dispersed dye, and sublimation. These inks have best-in-class chemistries to meet our customer needs. The solutions involve textile RIP software that is developed to optimize color output of the printers and ink. The solutions involve service and support to help keep the customers printing solutions productive. The product offering from Expand Systems enables us to offer digital solutions to every level of customer; from a designer to a production facility; for customers producing apparel, home furnishings, interior and exterior decorations, and signage.

InkDrop Printing,

InkDrop Printing specializes in the production of small quantities of digitally printed sewn products and short lengths of printed fabric. InkDrop Printing is a division of [TC]2

SPG Prints or Stork Prints,

Stork Prints is a global leader in the textile and graphics printing market. Providing total system solutions: from screens, lacquers, inks and digital engraving to a broad range of rotary screen and digital printing systems. Stork Prints has over 25 years experience in inkjet printing and over 4000 of the company's proofing and printing systems are in use across the globe. The Sphene is the latest in a long line of inkjet printing systems, allowing printing speeds up to 550 m2/hr, stunning print results and a very attractive pricing. All ink development, formulation and production happens in-house, ensuring the highest quality and superb ink characteristics. Stork Prints has introduced a new series of inks called NEBULA (for Kyocera printheads) and FLARE (for Epson printheads). Unrivalled Stork Prints inks are not just suited for the new printer Sphene, but can also run on the Reggiani Renoir, MS JP, MS JPK-series, La Meccanica Qualijet K8 and K16 printers. Stork Prints' FLARE reactive, acid, disperse and sublimation inks are not only suitable for all Mimaki, Roland, MS, La Meccanica and Mutoh digital textile printers with Epson heads, but Stork Prints also provides these inks in packages suitable for Robustelli Monna Lisa printers.

3P Inkjet Textiles,

Aeoon Digital Textile,

All American Supply,

AlphaChem Europe Gmbh,

Ann Meredith Custom Printed Fabrics,

Arakis Inkjet,

Artisan Colour, Inc.,

Aspara Silks,

ATP Color,


Cheran Digital Imaging & Consulting,

Craigs Prints,

Designer Prints New York,

Diana Ballard Designs,


Digital Art Solutions,

Digital Pre-Press International,

Digital Print Asia,

Dream Fabric Printing Services,

Drop Digital,

DUAsoft srl,

D'Angelo - DPS,


Fabric on Demand,



Fisher Textiles,

Free Radical Chemical,

Hampton Textile Printing,

Hollanders Printing Systems,

Holt Sublimation,

ITINK Co. Ltd.,

Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems,

JBC International Textiles,

Karma Kraft,

Kiian Srl,

Kornit Digital,

La Meccanica S.p.A.,

LTS Design Service Corp.,

Magic Printing,

Manx, Inc.,

Melco Industries, Inc.,

Mexar Ltd.,

MS Printing Solutions,

Print Unlimited,

Red Canary,

Reggiani Macchine,

Rothtec Imaging Corp.,

S.C. Fabric Printing,

Sensient Technologies,

Silk Melody,

Silvia\'s Costumes,

Splash of Color,


Suntex Printing,

SuperSample Corporation,


Test Fabrics, Inc.,


Veronica Textiles,

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