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DPInnovations Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports technology solutions for the textile industry. With more than 25 years of experience in implementing digital solutions in the textile industry, we offer an unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge. Currently we offer three specialized productivity solutions: MESH - A ready-made web solution for digital textile printing companies who wish to offer their service online developed by DPInnovations; RIPMaster - A digital textile printing RIP developed by Wirth Software GmbH; and GSD - A Productivity Improvement Solution developed by GSD (Corporate) Ltd.. RIPMaster has been developed to become the world's leading digital textile printing RIP developed specifically for the textile industry. RIPMaster supports all of today’s leading digital fabric printing devices. MESH technology is used at to connect digital designers everywhere with digital fabric printers around the world. GSD Enterprise & QUEST provide a scientific, ethical and auditable approach to quantifying manufacturing methods, times & costs for the Sewn Products Industry, resulting in improved productivity, efficiency and profitability. If you're involved in the digital textile printing industry or the sewn products industry, we can improve your efficiency & profits.

Autometrix Precision Cutting Systems, Inc.,


AVL Looms, Incorporated,

Barudan America, Inc.,

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CADTERNS Custom Clothing, Inc.,

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EAT GmbH, The DesignScope Company,

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Reach Technologies,

Richpeace Technology, Ltd.,

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Shima Seiki,


SofTeam S.r.l.,


Wild Ginger Software, Inc.,

Wonder Weaves Systems,

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